Conversations with Cosplayers: Disney Princesses

This morning I sat down with Dame Deadly, Briar Rose Cosplay, Jolly Holly Cosplay and Cosplay Choreography to chat about cosplay, and in particular, what it is like to be a Princess cosplayer. BR: My princess friends and I always joke that if your makeup doesn’t start to look drag makeup before you put your wig … More Conversations with Cosplayers: Disney Princesses

MCM Expo 2017

MCM London is one of the biggest comic conventions in the world and attracts all varieties of cosplayers twice a year, in May and October. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been cosplaying for over seven years and my love of cosplay is what led to my Princess work in my first place. In the … More MCM Expo 2017

Apologies (again)

Yet again life has got in the way of Princessing but I am back, with a new sense of purpose, and keen to return to blogging. Whilst I’ll continue to post tips and top ten lists about professional Princess work, I also want to branch out into more general blog posts, as these are usually … More Apologies (again)

Ariel Party Breakdown

Ariel is quite an unusual character as she has a variety of costume options. This breakdown is based on her mermaid form but would still work for her other dresses. Character & Film Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Theme, Colours & Decorations Under the sea or beach. Sea blue, turquoise, cyan and green. Variety of sea creatures, … More Ariel Party Breakdown