Cosplay vs Costume

The move from cosplayer to party princess is a relatively easy path to take and one a lot of princesses, myself included, have followed. Usually, princess and prince cosplayers already have the wardrobe and experience needed for parties. However, there are differences between the two and it is worth doing some research if you are considering … More Cosplay vs Costume

Ten Party Games

As every good princess knows, party games can make or break a party. Having a variety of fast noisy, slow quiet and dancing games makes your party more diverse and really helps to keep children interested. Having the option to change up the party by introducing a new game is a great skill for a … More Ten Party Games

Scheduled Content

I’ve decided the best way to run this blog is to have scheduled update days. I realise this is not an entirely new concept but hopefully it will allow me to build up a backlog of posts. I wanted to get some content on this blog, and now that I have started making posts (and … More Scheduled Content

Ten Questions Children Have Asked

One of my favourite parts of being a princess is interacting with the children as every experience is different. They all have such weird and wonderful personalities and some can be quite inquisitive. However, this does mean that I have received some perplexing questions in my time as a princess. I’ve listed my most common/weirdest below.


My first ever party was technically a half hour audition at an already established party. Although there were no princesses attending, there was an entertainer in charge of everything.