Ten Things I Never Forget

I’ve been doing parties for a while now and although I am far from an expert, I thought it would be fun to write a list of things I never leave the house without. It might also serve as a useful reminder to me in future!

1. Sound System
A pretty obvious first choice but in all honesty, you can’t have a Princess Party if you haven’t got any princess music. I use a Blackstar amplifier which connects to my laptop and is then controlled remotely using my phone. A complicated system perhaps but it means I don’t have to interrupt or step away from the party to change music or adjust volume.

2. Chocolate Treats
Little princes and princesses can get upset quiet easily and it’s always best to have some chocolate treats on hand to stop any crocodile tears. I recommend foil wrapped chocolate as it doesn’t contain any gelatine and it means the child can save it for later. Having these available is especially useful after a game like pass the parcel where not everyone can win a prize.

3. Velvet Fabric
This may be an odd choice to some but I use a fabric prop for so many things! I use it to play hiding games with the children, to sit on during story time and for making an ordinary chair into a fabulous throne. It has so many uses I would be lost without it.

4. Foam Crowns
Again, not a necessity but extremely useful nonetheless! I hide these crowns around the room before guests arrive and if the children get a bit rowdy, or if I lose their attention, I start a treasure hunt to reclaim them. This game is great as it gets all the children involved, expends lots of energy and finally groups them together again at the end.

5. Chargers, Cables and Backup.
There is nothing worse than being unprepared so I always make sure I have a fully charged laptop and phone (as well as all the relevant chargers as well). My party playlist is on both my phone and laptop should something go wrong and is also available online. I have two cables to connect to my amplifier (one that never leaves the car) plus a spare audio jack just in case.

6. Certificates
At the end of every party, the birthday girl gets to sit on a throne and receive a tiara during her official crowning ceremony. To ensure no one is left out, we all make a special prince or princess promise together and everyone goes home with a certificate as a keepsake. It’s a lovely way to involve everyone and also set up photos for the parents.

7. Bottled Water
Parties require high energy and a lot of dancing and singing so by the end of it, I’m usually pretty exhausted. I make sure to keep a bottle of water in my car for afterwards. In general, I try not to eat or drink in front of the children so keeping water in the car is always a good shout.

8. Bobby Pins
It doesn’t matter how many bobby pins you use in a Rapunzel wig, there is always room for more! I use a variety of wigs for my princesses and having a firm hold is paramount to success. I’ve had children brush my hair, run their fingers through it and in one slightly unpleasant case continually tug at the bottom of it! I always keep bobby pins on hand should I need to re-secure during a break.

9. Make Up and Toiletries
Perhaps this is an obvious choice but it is important for a princess to always look (and smell!) her best. I usually take a short break whilst the children eat to have a glass of water and retouch my make up. Parents love taking photos of their little princesses and princes so it is important to maintain your princess composure at all time. I would hate for someone to receive a bad photo on my behalf.

10. Business Cards
Another obvious one but equally important. To encourage more parties and keep you in princess shoes, having a stack of cards or flyers to hand is good practice.

So, what do you think of my list? Have I missed something that you can’t live without or do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!


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