Ten Questions Children Have Asked

One of my favourite parts of being a princess is interacting with the children as every experience is different. They all have such weird and wonderful personalities and some can be quite inquisitive. However, this does mean that I have received some perplexing questions in my time as a princess. I’ve listed my most common/weirdest below.

1. Where’s Anna?
When I appear solo as Elsa, this is usually the first question I am asked by the children. This one is relatively easy to deflect though as I just tell them that she is back in Arendelle, watching the castle for me.

2. Why is your hair so long?
As fans of the movie will know, at the end of Tangled, Rapunzel’s hair is cut and her hair turns short and brunette. As you’ve guessed, this is pretty different to the long haired blonde Rapunzel that appears at the party. I like to explain this by telling children I asked Cinderella’s fairy godmother (or Aurora’s fairies) to return my hair as I missed it being long. This also works for explaining why it no longer glows!

3. Where are your glass slippers?
Children can notice the tiniest details of your costume and this is something Cinderella always gets asked. Obviously, glass slippers are not the most practical shoes for princess parties. I always tell the children that as my dearest possessions, the shoes are kept in a special glass case back at the castle, protected by magic.

4. Why do you have legs/a fin?
Similar to Rapunzel’s hair above, I usually explain that I missed the sea and asked King Triton for help. He gave me a special spell that allows me to pick legs or fins every morning. It’s nice to involve the birthday girl at this point and explain you made your decision today as it is her birthday party.

5. Can you freeze this?
Frozen was such a mega film that all children are aware of Elsa and her ice powers. I am yet to make it through a party without a child asking me to freeze something, make it snow or throw an ice bolt. It’s hard to deflect this question as soon as one child asks, they all want to see magic. I explain that my magic doesn’t work outside Arendelle or that I have to be careful in case my magic goes haywire again. It is also helpful to distract them by having the children practice their own ice magic on each other. I like asking them if they can feel their hands getting cold!

6. Where do you live?
Depending on the princess I am playing and what the party is like, I’ll either stick to what is in the movie or I’ll say I live with the other princesses in a big castle. If you are appearing with lots of other Disney princesses, it can be easier to say you have all come from Disneyland but that can lead to lots of follow up questions!

7. Can I have your gloves/necklace/jewels?
Princess costumes are quite detailed and usually involve multiple accessories. Cinderella in particular has bows, gloves, multiple skirts, a necklace and headband to contend with. Occasionally, bold children may ask to have one of your items outright. It’s an awkward situation to be in but I usually blame the princes and say that the item was a gift from them and they would be very sad if I gave it away!

8. Can we play [insert super rowdy playground game]?
I love taking game suggestions from children as it helps me gauge what level the children are at and what games to avoid. Inevitably, someone will suggest a rowdy playground game (I’m looking at you British Bulldog) which is completely unsuitable for the venue or princess party. I’d rather not shoot down an idea so I normally, rather naughtily, suggest we play it later. I find it is usually forgotten by the end of the next game but with really persistent children, it’s best to give them a logical reason why the game can’t be played.

9. Do you have to go?
It’s always wonderful to be asked this as it usually mean your party is a success but it can be a tricky one to answer. Sadly, all princesses have to return home at some point and most children get upset when it’s time for the party to end. I never promise to return as this places pressure on the parents, instead I explain something silly like Kristoff let Sven in the castle and there is reindeer hair everywhere or Sebastian mixed up all my whozits and whatsits and I need to go home and sort them!

10. If your dress is made of ice, does that mean your underpants are made of ice?
It probably tops the list of the weirdest question I’ve ever had to answer but one astute little boy asked me this at an Elsa party. Although I guess this is technically true, I convinced him that my dress was made of magic rather than ice so no cold underpants were involved.

My best advice on deflecting questions is to distract children with your answer and turn the conversation back to them. What weird questions have you been asked, or would like to ask a princess? Make sure to leave them in the comments below.


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