I realise that updates have been pretty slow recently but with the start of con season, a new job and trying to make two brand new cosplays in two very short deadlines, writing quality content has rather slipped to the bottom of my priorities. I will be back with Princess duties very soon. Advertisements

Ten Princess Rules

Being a princess means a lot of different things to a lot of different entertainers however, there are some ground rules that every princess should follow. The big Golden Rule for princesses is to Never Break Character but the ten below are also useful to follow.

Tips for Taking Photographs

As mentioned in previous posts, having a portfolio of costumed photographs is great, not only to show to prospective companies, but also to put on your website or Facebook page for prospective clients. Below are some tips that can help you get the most out of your photoshoots.

Ten Youtube Tutorials

In an earlier post, I recommended using Youtube to improve your performances but Youtube is also great for getting ideas and learning new skills. I’ve listed ten videos below that all cover different things that I think every princess would find useful to watch.

Princess Interview

Something completely new today as I’ve interviewed a fellow party princess for her thoughts. Chloe has been doing parties since January 2015 and like me, became a princess after a few years of cosplaying. She currently appears as Elsa. You can follow her at KesshoCho Cosplay.

Cinderella Breakdown

For this breakdown I am focussing on the original animated Cinderella but a lot of what I mention applies for other adaptations. The majority of this costume is provided by the company so unfortunately I don’t have many links to share at this time.