Ten Instrumental Pieces

Earlier this year I gave you my top ten songs to use at a party. As I have expanded into corporate parties and charity events, I have learnt that sometimes you need some instrumental music in the background instead. Below are my top ten instrumental pieces to use at a party.

Ten Online Stores

As a Party Princess, you probably don’t have a Fairy Godmother waiting in the wings for action. You do however, have access to your good friend The Internet, and I’ve listed my favourite online stores for scoring Princess swag below. 

Tips for eBay

eBay can be a great resource for costumes but occasionally things can go wrong, or not be what you expected. Below I have written some tips for anyone making their first foray into the site.

Ten Make-Up Items

Unfortunately for most of us, looking like a Disney Princess does not come easily and we need a whole variety of tricks and trade secrets to get the desired look. I am by no means a make-up expert but below are my top ten must have make-up items when getting ready.

Rapunzel Breakdown

Although I find that Elsa is the most popular Princess, Rapunzel is actually my favourite.  Rapunzel was the first Princess I ever portrayed at a party and is special for that reason too. Backstory Rapunzel is a Princess born with magical hair that has the ability to heal. She was kidnapped as a child and locked … More Rapunzel Breakdown

Elsa Breakdown

Although my company provides costumes, I took it upon myself to make a more screen-accurate for Elsa. Now that I have a new wig, I thought it was a great opportunity to do another Breakdown post. Be warned that this one is slightly different to Cinderella as a lot of the links won’t be for completed … More Elsa Breakdown