Tips for Halloween Deals

As a cosplayer, Halloween is my favourite time of the year as nearly every shop becomes a treasure trove of costume goodies. Below you’ll find some tips and tricks for making the most of the spooky season!

Shop Around
Most supermarkets will bring in their costume aisles around this time so make sure you shop around when purchasing. Although some of the items are likely to be similar in nature, you may find better savings or more unique items in different stores.

Shop in Person
Usually online shopping is an easy and convenient way to stock up on supplies however, at Halloween I recommend going out and seeing the products for yourself. A lot of times, the photos online won’t match up quality-wise in person and can lead to disappointment (wigs are usually the worst for this). I also find that I discover more unique items, or have more inspiration, when browsing in person rather than online.

Shop the Sales
If you aren’t entirely sure what you are after and are just taking advantage of the season, wait for the weekend after Halloween when all the stock gets massively reduced. This is usually a great time for getting smaller items like face paint and accessories as shops will overbuy on these.

Think Outside the Box
Some of the Halloween stuff you’ll see will be cheap tat but learning to think outside the box with these items can be really rewarding and not to mention cost saving. Try to look at the potential possibilities before writing something off and remember that most items can be improved with just a simple repaint.



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