Potential Princess Interview

Shira is a cosplayer that is considering becoming a professional Princess and is waiting for her opportunity to begin a royal journey. Making the transition from cosplaying to parties is a standard route for most Princesses and I thought interviewing someone on the cusp of this would be interesting. You can find Shira on her Facebook and Instagram.

How long have you been cosplaying?
I’ve been cosplaying now for about a year.

Do you only cosplay Princess characters or do you cover a variety?
I have done other costumes, Miss Martian and DC Superhero Girls Ivy.

Cool, do you find there is a difference between the two types of characters?
Definitely, when it comes to conventions I get attention from two totally different kinds of people. As a princess it is mostly young children. As comic book characters mostly young adults or people in their 20s-30s.

That makes sense! What draws you to cosplaying Princesses?
I’ve always been a huge Disney fan. Disney films defined my childhood and growing up I was bullied for my weight and my desire to be a Disney Princess. Eventually, I was afraid of dressing up as a Disney Princess atHalloween because I didn’t want to hear more disgusting and mean words towards me. In high school I knew what cosplaying was but was still afraid of being bullied for it. was only when I got to college that I found a whole niche of people who are now my best friends and cosplay DC and Marvel characters. After going to my first conventions I saw people cosplaying Disney characters and I got SO excited. It was such an ongoing dream to be a princess and it could finally happen! I was wary at first because I am plus size but I wanted to show that anyone could be a princess.

That’s a really inspiring story. I’m glad that you now have the confidence to cosplay Disney Princesses and realise your dream! Are you worried about making the move to Princess parties? What do you think are the main differences between cosplay and parties?
I’m a bit nervous about wanting to move to Princess parties. I’m not thin so that always worries me, although I am losing weight. What I found at conventions I go to, children have always ignored that I’m plus size and still believed I was the Princess. Definitely at a party you need a lot more focus and patience, as I’ve done parties before for other entertainment (teaching music or presenting animals). At a convention you can easily step aside and go out of character where children will not notice, and of course you cannot do that at a party. It’s a whole different type of commitment.

It sounds like you know what you are doing though! What are you looking forward to most?
I love interacting with children and helping them find their confidence and happiness and I love making others’ wishes come true. Doing princess parties will allow me to do that while being someone I truly love and have loads of fun being.

That’s really nice. Do you think anyone can be a party Princess?
I do believe anyone can if they are willing to put in the effort and enthusiasm required to be one.

Very true. What would you say makes an ideal party Princess?
Someone who loves children, loves to smile and laugh and is patient. Someone who really can embody their character to the fullest and actually be that character for hours without losing energy.

That sounds right to me! Would you prefer to work independently or have you looked into companies?
I’ve started to look into companies. I believe it would be much easier to find work when you’re with a company, however working independently you are free to follow your own guidelines.

That’s true but does mean that you are responsible for your own admin/social media. Are you doing lots of research before becoming a party Princess or are you happy to jump right in?
I’m doing a lot of research to gain knowledge on how to approach becoming a party Princess. As I don’t have a large portfolio yet it will take time to research and find companies I’d like to apply with.

That seems sensible. What advice would you give to other cosplayers considering Princess parties?
Do not feel rushed and just jump into it even if you want to get started right away. It’s important to take time and research and find the best track for you to follow.

Very good advice. Are there any established party Princesses that you look up to or admire?
Yes, I adore the Sandoval sisters in New Mexico. They are such kind young ladies and are brilliant with their ideas for events and parties.

Excellent choice, they are both stunning Princesses! Finally, do you have anything to say to cosplayers who may also be considering Princess parties or have a similar story to you?
Definitely go for it if it’s something you really want to do! Be prepared to be turned away or not hired/scheduled for a party. Keep pushing on.

That’s a really great sentence to end on and really sums up Shira’s spirit and passionate nature. We’ll hopefully do a follow-up piece when she becomes a professional Princess so watch this space! If you have any questions or comments for Shira, please leave them in the comments below.


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