Tips for Maintaining Dresses

Your dress is probably the second most important part of being a Princess, the first being personality. That being said, maintaining your dresses should be your priority as they are usually expensive to replace. Below you’ll find some tips to help you with your wardrobe.

Invest in a good storage system that helps protect your dresses from life outside a party. Some wedding dress shops will sell or giveaway dress bags if you ask nicely and these are perfect for the bigger ball gowns like Belle or Cinderella. For the slimmer fit dresses, platic storage boxes are perfect as they can be stacked out of the way until needed and you can use one box for everything. Just be careful of creasing the skirts when you fold. Likewise, vacuum bags are great when space is an issue.

For characters like Cinderella and Ariel where you have separate parts or lots of accessories, keeping yourself organised is very important. Nobody wants to waste money replacing lost items! I use one storage box per character to make sure everything stays in its rightful place. For characters where accessories are shared, I keep them with the most popular character to avoid panic when something goes missing.

Where possible, consider what your dress and accessories are made of. Knowing whether your dress is dry clean only is a mistake you do not want to make! Also, if you make or buy your own dresses consider fabric choices carefully. Don’t buy something that will be horrendous to wash or will tear easily if you are considering Princessing in your costume.

Where possible, hand wash and dry your garments to avoid washing machine heartache. Princess dresses are pretty heavy when wet and hanging them can result in warping so try to keep the cleaning to the areas required, rather than the whole dress. If you do get a nasty stain, make sure the cleaning products you are using won’t fade, run or dye the materials. If in doubt, google it as another Princess or cosplayer has probably been there at some point.

Be Aware
Be aware of your surroundings at the party and avoid messy food where possible. Personally, I try to avoid eating altogether when I am in costume as I don’t have the greatest track record for not spilling things! If the children have just enjoyed a sticky chocolate cake for lunch, make them wash their hands before continuing. Likewise avoid crafts that involve paint or clay as these can spell disaster to a dress. Children will be children but reducing risks is never a bad idea.

Do you have any tips for maintaining dresses or cleaning them if something has gone wrong? Let me know below.


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