Ariel Party Breakdown

Ariel is quite an unusual character as she has a variety of costume options. This breakdown is based on her mermaid form but would still work for her other dresses.

Character & Film
Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Theme, Colours & Decorations
Under the sea or beach.
Sea blue, turquoise, cyan and green.
Variety of sea creatures, crabs and fake sand.

Alternative & Potential Male Characters
Lilo, Jack Sparrow, Peter Pan or Captain Hook

Part of Your World by Jodi Benson
Under the Sea by Samuel E. Wright
Fireworks by Alan Menkin
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Brittni Paiva
Fathoms Below by Ship’s Chorus

Themed Games
Pirate Treasure Hunt
Seahorse Racing
Four Corners: Under the Sea, Pirate Cove, Eric’s Castle, Sunken Ship

Themed Crafts
Peg Mermaids
Shell Painting
Mermaid Jars


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