MCM Expo 2017

MCM London is one of the biggest comic conventions in the world and attracts all varieties of cosplayers twice a year, in May and October. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been cosplaying for over seven years and my love of cosplay is what led to my Princess work in my first place. In the … More MCM Expo 2017

Apologies (again)

Yet again life has got in the way of Princessing but I am back, with a new sense of purpose, and keen to return to blogging. Whilst I’ll continue to post tips and top ten lists about professional Princess work, I also want to branch out into more general blog posts, as these are usually … More Apologies (again)

Leading a Princess

I wrote about shadowing Princesses in an earlier post and this is a follow up piece. Having shadowed a Princess when I initially started at my company, I have now been on the other side and auditioned would-be Princesses for the job. Auditioning Princesses at a live party can be hard because you still have to maintain … More Leading a Princess

Working in Pairs

I recently had the opportunity to do a party with another Princess as one half of Anna & Elsa. As it usually costs extra to have a second Princess (unless you have a trainee Princess attending) these types of parties are quite rare for me. Although there is additional cost involved, a second Princess means more one … More Working in Pairs

Kalyss Wig Review

I have a few cosplay plans that involve red hair so I took this opportunity to purchase another lace front wig. Although I raved about K’ryssma in my previous review, I wanted to try out another lace front wig company I found online that was slightly cheaper. I purchased this wig from Kalyss for £32.99 with … More Kalyss Wig Review