Ariel Party Breakdown

Ariel is quite an unusual character as she has a variety of costume options. This breakdown is based on her mermaid form but would still work for her other dresses. Character & Film Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Theme, Colours & Decorations Under the sea or beach. Sea blue, turquoise, cyan and green. Variety of sea creatures, … More Ariel Party Breakdown

Frozen Party Breakdown

Elsa is by far my most requested character so it makes sense to start with Frozen for my first party breakdown. Character & Film Elsa from Frozen. Theme, Colours & Decorations Ice and snow. Blue, silver, white and anything glittery. Snowflakes, fake snow and anything Christmassy. Alternative & Potential Male Characters Anna, Kristoff or Hans Songs … More Frozen Party Breakdown

Snow White Breakdown

I’ve recently added Snow White to my Princess rotation which means it is the perfect time to do another breakdown! Snow White can be quite difficult to play due to her high pitched voice and rather shy personality but you can definitely make her work for you. Backstory Snow White lives under the control of her … More Snow White Breakdown

Rapunzel Breakdown

Although I find that Elsa is the most popular Princess, Rapunzel is actually my favourite.  Rapunzel was the first Princess I ever portrayed at a party and is special for that reason too. Backstory Rapunzel is a Princess born with magical hair that has the ability to heal. She was kidnapped as a child and locked … More Rapunzel Breakdown

Elsa Breakdown

Although my company provides costumes, I took it upon myself to make a more screen-accurate for Elsa. Now that I have a new wig, I thought it was a great opportunity to do another Breakdown post. Be warned that this one is slightly different to Cinderella as a lot of the links won’t be for completed … More Elsa Breakdown

Cinderella Breakdown

For this breakdown I am focussing on the original animated Cinderella but a lot of what I mention applies for other adaptations. The majority of this costume is provided by the company so unfortunately I don’t have many links to share at this time.