Leading a Princess

I wrote about shadowing Princesses in an earlier post and this is a follow up piece. Having shadowed a Princess when I initially started at my company, I have now been on the other side and auditioned would-be Princesses for the job. Auditioning Princesses at a live party can be hard because you still have to maintain … More Leading a Princess

Frozen Party Breakdown

Elsa is by far my most requested character so it makes sense to start with Frozen for my first party breakdown. Character & Film Elsa from Frozen. Theme, Colours & Decorations Ice and snow. Blue, silver, white and anything glittery. Snowflakes, fake snow and anything Christmassy. Alternative & Potential Male Characters Anna, Kristoff or Hans Songs … More Frozen Party Breakdown

Ten Girl Power Songs

All of my parties finish with some high energy dancing games but creating a positive age-appropriate playlist was pretty hard, especially as I wanted to steer clear of chart hits. Below you’ll find ten pop songs that are great for dancing, but also have a great message. 1. Girl Meets World by Rowan Blanchard & Sabrina … More Ten Girl Power Songs

Ten Audition Secrets

The majority of people assume that being a party Princess requires strong vocal ability and a pretty face, but to be honest, that’s not what we look for during auditions. In reality, you can’t just boil an audition down into ten tick boxes but hopefully the list below will help you on your way to becoming … More Ten Audition Secrets